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My name is Orly and I am a product designer with a masters degree from the Technion. In my initial profession I am a Landscape Architect. 
What is the connection you may ask? Well a lot of featurs connect Product design with Landscape architecture.   
The first  is design thinking. Before planning and designning I think about the user, who he is , what does he need and how can I help him use the site or product in the easiest way. The second one is esthetic design, by planning a school yard or an app we need to do it with the right colors and the right shapes eather way it needs to be esthetic and in harmony for the users eyes. The third one is the zoom in zoom out look, when we plan and design product we need to think about the close environment and the far one, how they influence the product itself. 
To make it short I love designning and planning products, apps in particular and these are demonsrated in this site I made for fun and for learnning. 

Workspace Skills

Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Premier. Figma.

Orly grinker

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